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Top Ten Reason We Want To Be Part Of FGC Damian

10) Get to associate with people of questionable moral
 9) Still admire the way he stole that Ray Conway evidence
 8) Damian so much easier to defend than Ned
 7) Teresa wants to be Keeper of the Occassional
 6) FGC Reginald having a slow month
 5) Heard they give away free towels
 4) Tracy wants to be Keeper of The Slightly Mussed
 3) Damian not even in the top ten list of bad deed
    doers in Port Chuckles
 2) Anyone Katherine dumps can't be all bad
And the number one reason we want to be part of FGC Damian:
 1) To bask in The Glory of Art Chick's return
"Katherine, you know I have a phobia." -- Damian
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