Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things Damian Might Be Doing While In Hiding

10) Being treated for anemia
 9) Watching Hitchcock films
 8) Reenacting Hamlet with Frank's ghost
 7) Shadowing Lucy and Kevin in Paris
 6) Building a vast underground empire in the Port Charles
 5) Writing scathing letters to the New York times about
    the inadequacies of the PC Art Museum
 4) Paying a courtesy visit to the convalescing Sean
 3) Firing his imcompetent Mob accountants
 2) Rethinking his career options
And the number one thing Damian might be doing:
 1) Hiding out at the Art Chick's place (Now that she's
    got that stove)
"Dorman, you bambi killer." -- Damian
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