Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Reasons We Think Katherine is Really Kool

10) She's taken Mac out of circulation
 9) She can make her voice do that echo thing
 8) At least she's not Kayla Brady anymore
 7) She knew that Damian's "psychic" plan was dumber 'n dirt
 6) She once complimented Reginald for remembering how many
    olives she takes in her martini
 5) Currently under the pleasant illusion that she is Lana
 4) Has the same first name as the Art Chick
 3) She knows alien abduction is no joking matter
 2) Can't cook and proud of it
Dnd the number one reason we think Katherine is really kool:
 1) Doesn't forgive people just because they do something
    nice for her
"My fate in the hands of the one woman on earth who I thoroughly abhor." -- Katherine Bell
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