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Top Ten Reasons To Attend A High Lonesome Concert

10) Larry: Nice voice, GREAT hair
 9) Might see the Bud Light Ladies
 8) Two words: Phil's Concertina
 7) Maureen "Razzleberry" lights up the dance floor
 6) The off-chance that Jeb might actually speak
 5) Where else can you hear "Poindexter" frequently repeated
 4) Possibility of seeing a member of the Kurth/Taylor Band
 3) Occasional glimpses of Jon Lindstrom behind the drums
 2) Soon to be hit single "True Believer" has real easy "Na,
    na, na" chorus
And the number one reason to attend a High Lonesome concert:
 1) Gary
"Small of stature, but big of heart." -- Larry Poindexter (doing Gary's intro)
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