Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Good Things Damian Has Done

10) Got the Nurses' Ball started again and Underwrote the
    Ball two years in a row
 9) Saved Lucy's life by finding out where Joe Scummy
    was holding her and gallantly telling Luke
 8) Acknowleged his debt to Lucky for saving his life;
    was even polite (Take a page, Katherine)
 7) Tipped Lucy off that Katherine had slipped up in
    conning Scott
 6) Gave General Hospital hefty checks two years in a row
 5) Contaminated the Ray Conway evidence for Alan
 4) Sang cute song with Lucy at last Nurses' Ball
 3) Came up with idea for much needed Toxic Incinerator
    in Port Charles (they could use it for Justus' political
 2) Exposed Dorman for the Bambi Killer he is. (Let's see
    Steve and Alan support Dr. Compassion now)
And the number one good thing Damian has done:
 1) Wore a towel
"I can do anything better than you." -- Damian
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