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Top Ten Reasons Kevin Should Go To San Antonio

10) Twenty Degrees warmer than Port Charles
 9) Don't want to be around when Katy goes on her Mac-less
    eating binge
 8) Officer Ricky hasn't made an arrest in over a week;
    Anyone could be his next target
 7) Felicia might press him into service at the Outback
 6) Luke says he shouldn't; that should be reason enough
 5) Borg-Jason in a really bad mood
 4) He is an expert Lucy interpreter
 3) To dispell disturbing memories of past life as a
    blacksmith who died at the Alamo.
 2) If he goes to San Antonio, A.J. can't get the car keys.
And the number one reason Kevin should go to San Antonio
 1) To explore his feminine side
"What am I doing hangin' round
I should be on that train and gone
I should be ridin' on that train to San Antone
What am I doing hangin' round."
-- Michael Murphy

"Can I have the bereavement fare. I'm going to Damian's funeral." -- Kevin Collins (at the airport)

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