Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Mysteries On GH That Interest Us

10) Why would Borg-Jason walk into Kelly's?  Wouldn't the
    smell keep an objective person like himself out?
 9) Why do people believe things that Luke imagines?
 8) Where did Marco go?
 7) What does Cook DO when she's displeased?
 6) Who gets to tell Harper that Lucky is a good friend
    of Sonny Corinthos?
 5) Why isn't Stephen T. Kay in the ending credits?
 4) What do the Idle Rich do while Eddie is busy being Ned?
 3) What the devil happened to Damian's mother?!
 2) Where is Tracy Quartermaine?
And the number one Mystery on GH that interests us
 1) Jerry Jacks (the heck with his smarmy younger brother;
    We wanna see the insane one)
(Would you look at that... Damian's murder and Bobbie's past didn't even make it.)

"Sooner or later everyone comes in here." -- Luke Spencer

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