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Top Ten GH Spinoff Series

10) Home Decorating with Jenny Eckert - Tips from your
    favorite red-head, er...blonde, whatever.
 9) My Man Reginald - Sitcom: Starring Stephen T. Kay as
    that zany Quartermaine butler.  Domestic comedy.
 8) Felicia P.I. - Hour long drama.  Felicia moves to the
    Bahamas and solves crimes with the aid of her lackey,
 7) Breakfast for Tiffany - Sitcom: After losing his job,
    Sean devotes himself to life as a househusband.
 6) The Amy Vining Show - Talk Show: All the latest Port
    Charles gossip.
 5) I Love Lucy Coe - Sitcom: Scotty and Lucy move to New
    York City.  Scotty joins a Rumba band and Lucy starts
    a perfume line, made with vegavitavegamin.  "Lucy, you
    got some 'splainin' to do."
 4) Mr. Ned - Sitcom: Ned adopts a talking Emu, but only
    he can hear it.  Gives him good stock tips.
 3) P.C. Law - Hour long Drama:  Paul and Jessica open a law
    firm together with inevitable personality conflicts;
    she's got one, he doesn't.
 2) Scorpio: The Next Generation - Sci-Fi: Casey returns
    from Lumina.  Revives Robert and Anna, retrieves Robin
    and they begin an ongoing adventure among the stars.
And the number one GH spinoff series:
 1) Ryan Chamberlain, M.D. - Hour long medical drama:  In
    between cases of chicken pox and mumps, Ryan Chamberlain
    romances blondes, and takes up gardening.
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