Top Ten Lists

Ten Things We Fantasize About Garcia (We regret that we could not actually post the TOP ten due to explicit content)

10) He's not married
  9) Goofy ties
  8) Solving the Lindberg Kidnapping
  7) Him singing "hunk of burnin' love" backed by the Idle Rich; 
       we rush the stage
  6) Technicolor flashbacks
  5) Playgirl spread
  4) Bungee jumping... naked
  3) Frustrated at his inability to get Damian on any charge that
       would stick, Garcia shadowed the unfortunate Mr. Smith on
       the day of his death, overheard the conversation with Justus
       and deduced that he could catch Damian unawares at the 
       Bradley Ward House that evening.  He waits, his trusty billy 
       club in hand.  When Damian comes in, sloshing gasoline on
       the tacky funiture, he sees his chance and smacks him with
       the club, *thwack*!, thereby upholding the PCPD tradition
       of ignoring due process
  2) A two year contract
And the number one thing we fantasize about Garcia
  1) Garcia in an overcoat.... just an overcoat
"In your dreams." -- Lucy Coe
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