Top Ten Lists

Sonny's Top Ten Pet Peeves

10) Everybody else seems to be thinking faster
    than he does
 9) Tall handsome multi-millionaire Australians
 8) The way Lily was able to play the Piano 
    without actually touching the keys
 7) Mike still carding him when he orders a drink
 6) Luke's hair; isn't there anything that can be
    done about it
 5) Suspect Harry is 'dumbing down' when he
 4) Jason asking questions like, "Which direction
    is East?"
 3) Miguel on Broadway
 2) Video tapes designed to come out of the bottom
    of the box
And Sonny's number one Pet Peeve:
 1) Exploding wives
"No, no, noooo!" Sonny Corinthos
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