Top Ten Lists

Dara Jensen's Top Ten Objections

10) He's leading the witness *whine*
 9) Relevancy *sneer*
 8) She's not a medical expert *snort*
 7) But he (she, it) knows Sonny Corinthos *whimper*
 6) It's hot  *pant*
 5) Defending Counsel is just too damn fine lookin' *pant*
 4) You haven't established any such thing *bitch*
 3) Just because I did it, doesn't mean he can too *pout*
 2) The prosecution isn't willing to concede that point... without dinner
    and flowers first *kiss*
And Dara Jensen's number one objection
 1) I am not Jessica Holmes... I just sound exactly like her *flounce*
"A kingdom for a nice, frosty glass of beer." -- Justus
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