Top Ten Lists

Top Ten People Who Might Be Harrassing Felicia And Their Motives

10) Kevin - Just plain goin' bonkers
 9) Frisco - His idea of a romantic overture
 8) Tom - Just the beginning of his 'Spy' fantasy
 7) Mac - PCPD now creating its own cases.  He's putting officer Johnson
    on it right away
 6) New Guy/Patch/Stephen Nichols - Part of his evil plot to insinuate 
    his character into Port Charles
 5) Ryan -  The flowers are definitely his touch.  He's still obsessed
    with her and looking for some closure
 4) Bobbie - Mistakenly believes Felicia is responsible for taking her
    baby away
 3) Katherine - Felicia is a Natural blonde
 2) Sigmund - *Quack, quack, quack*
And the number one person who might be harrassing Felicia and their
 1) Felicia - Gaslighting herself.  Wants to prove to Tom that he can't
    solve a mystery
"The tips alone are killing me." -- Tom Hardy
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