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Top Ten Reasons We Don't Care If Sonny and Brenda Ever Get Back Together

10) Summer Olympics coming up
 9) Dream of seeing Brenda and her swiss ski instructor
 8) Desperately trying to forget the wire incident
 7) Because The High Lonesome are singing, "na, na,
    na," on our stereo.  Try it folks; it's hypnotic
 6) Devoted to naturalized Canadian citizen, Lily
 5) Chemistry between Sonny and "Eve" unforgettable
 4) Jax... in a Tux
 3) We just count the days Kevin is on.  Sonny and
    Brenda who?
 2) Too confused now that Sonny is Scarlett
And number one reason we just don't care if Sonny
and Brenda ever get back together:
 1) As long as Sonny wears blue, who cares who
    he's with
"Sonny loves me; he told me so." -- Brenda (ad nauseum)
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