Top Ten Lists

The Top Ten Methods of the Damn Fine-Lookin' Mob

10) Letting that brain-damaged kid, Jason, do all
    the work
 9) Offering Babe mob Moll duties
 8) Still emphasizing fine hair-care products
 7) Bribing Assistant District Attorney Dara with
    a succession of studly men
 6) Holding open a spot for demented (but fine-
    lookin') Dr. Kevin
 5) Shooting range scholarship in Damian's name
 4) Free memberships in Deception spa
 3) Possible merger with Fine-Lookin' elements of
    PCPD (and you know who we mean!...that's right,
    Officer Rick)
 2) Forgiving Harry because they couldn't 
    possibly spare such a handsome man
And the number one method of the Damn Fine-Lookin'
 1) Matching Combs
"I'm not leavin'" -- Jason Morgan
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