Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Reasons We'll Miss Lily

10) Even less for Sly to talk about in his
    rare screen appearances
 9) Best evidence of contaminated water supply
    now deceased
 8) Luke's never going to have that special -
    "Lily's blackened cajun Chicken" now
 7) Won't get to hear Sonny and Lily sing a duet 
    at this year's Nurses' Ball
 6) Katherine just doesn't look right in babydoll
 5) Unemployed bodygaurds wandering around with
    nothing to do
 4) Despondent Sonny an imminent danger to
 3) No one is safe now; writers could choose
    anyone as a plot device
 2) We'll never get to see her very special
    painful smile/grimace
And the number one reason we'll miss Lily:
 1) One word: Garcia
"Don't you know that I would never leave you even if I went away." -- Lily Rivera Corinthos (current resident of "Canada")
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