Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Reasons TPTB SHOULDN'T Listen To The People On RATSA

10) RATSAers use too many big words
 9) Ricky Martin really adored all over the world
 8) Around here we mostly HATE "Days of Our Lives" and
    see no reason to have GH emulate it, even if
    sex and devils do get ratings
 7) Posters all too emotionally attached to individual
    characters to be objective (that whole FGC scene)
 6) The SIDAR would cease and Brenda would end up a nun
 5) Expensive Canadian location shoots
 4) Would lead to happy committed couples in
    interesting situations and, darn it, that's
 3) RATSAers think Top Ten Lists are fine literature
    Whatta they know?!
 2) Stunningly good demographics just an illusion
    electronically created by guy named Joe, with
    a really nice system, in Pittsburgh
And the number one reason TPTB SHOULDN'T Listen to
the People on RATSA
 1) Could cause the confusing nationwide use of 

RATSA -, a usenet newsgroup

TPTB -          The Powers That Be.  The folks that make
                decisions at "General Hospital"

FGC -           Favorite General Hospital Character. (Actually
                a much more complicated concept than it seems)

SIDAR -         Stupid Idiotic Dumb Assinine Rectangle.  
                Sonny/Lily/Miguel/Brenda.  Note: triangle with
                Jax does not constitute an improvement.

Posters -       People who post/contribute messages/articles
                to RATSA.   Opposite of Lurker

Canada -        The place where GH characters who are more
                or less dead go.  Ryan started it.

Top Ten Lists - Those things TPTB are now going to
                be getting on a regular basis, so
                they won't be inordinately depressed by
                their e-mail.
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