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A tip of the hat to Tahnda for inspiring this list with her "shame on you" to TPTB for too obviously lifting Movie Plots in their recent storylines. Personally we see nothing wrong with this venerable Soap tradition; the trouble is they've been using the wrong movies. So here's the film re-treads we'd like to see them do. And a thank you to Phil Ward for introducing us to the number one film.

Top Ten Movie Plots We'd Like To See TPTB Use

10) CASABLANCA - An old love walks out of Mike's past, but
    she has an obligation to her husband, who is running
    from the Mob.  Mike helps them as Sonny reluctantly
    hinders them.  In the end it leads to a strong bond   
    between Mike and Sonny.
    "This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship." --
    Sonny Corinthos
 9) DOA - Mac is poisoned and has twenty four hours to figure
    out who his murderer is.  Turns out to just be Katherine's
    first attempt at Spamburgers.
    "Pass the ketchup." -- Mac Scorpio
 8) MY MAN GODFREY - Tracy returns home and falls in love with
    "I wish you wouldn't blow in my ear when I'm trying to serve
    the tea." -- Reginald Jennings
    "Oooooh, it's hot." -- Edward Quartermaine
 6) E.T. - A friendly alien appears in Robin's shower and asks
    her to help him phone home... Whoops... our mistake, they
    already did that one
    "Lumina isn't listed in the phone book." -- Robin Scorpio
 5) SUSPICION - Brenda becomes increasingly nervous as she
    suspects that her new husband Jax, plans to murder her
    "That car stereo system you're installing looks an 
    awful lot like a bomb, honey." -- Brenda Barret Jacks
    elected to the soon-to-be-vacant City Council seat
    and wreaks havoc on the corrupt system
    "Blow it our your ear, Mr. Mayor." -- Lois Cerullo Ashton
 3) BRINGING UP BABY - Felicia adopts a leopard  
    "I can't give you anything, but love, Baby." - Felicia
 2) PRIDE OF THE YANKEES - Baseball team hears Laura is 
    pretty good with a bat, and hires her in hopes that
    she can give them a winning season
    "Kill the Ump!" -- Luke Spencer
And the number one movie plot we'd like to see TPTB use
 1) TWINS OF EVIL - Jerry, Jax' twin brother, arrives
    on Kronos, where Jax and Brenda are honeymooning.
    Brenda is hard-pressed to tell the difference until
    she realizes that Jerry is actually a blood-sucking
    "He's not my type." -- Brenda Barret Jacks
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