Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Suspects And Their Motives In Jessica's Murder

10) Bobbie - Jessica found out about her releasing
    confidential medical information.  Threatened to tell
    medical ethics committee.
 9) Ryan - What she did to him wasn't very nice.  It made
    him angry and gave him a "terrible pounding headache".
    He couldn't help it; he just fell apart.
 8) Felicia - Blames Jessica for Ryan not being given the
    death penalty.  Despite the fact that New York doesn't
    do that.
 7) Mac - It was an accident.  The statue slipped right out
    of his hands.
 6) Jon Russell - Not used to losing.
 5) Amy - Jessica not actually pregnant.  Amy faked the
    charts for her, but then threatened to blackmail Jessica
    and tell Sean she wasn't really preggers.  A struggle
    ensued and Amy found the statue to hand.
 4) COUGHERS - One of them got sick and tired of her smirk
    and took justice into their own hands.
 3) Tiffany - Could you blame her.  Jessica's tried to take
    her man away, and, lets face it, Tiffany isn't getting
    that many more opportunites to hold on to a guy.
 2) Sean - Not man enough to tell Tiffany about the baby;
    afraid Jessica would.  Oh and she was in his parking
    space again.
And the number one suspect and his motive:
 1) Bill Eckert - Jessica's the beginning of his psycho-
    killing spree.
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