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Top Ten Ways The New Writers Will Make GH A Better Show

10) Write teens out
 9) No more relying on idiotic banter between Mac and
    Felicia (unless they're really stuck)
 8) Their new "rappin'" Steve Hardy character
 7) Not inhaling smog in Los Angles means they have that
    many more brain cells
 6) If we, the audience, applaud them loud enough, everyone
    gets a brand new Jon Lindstrom character
 5) No more pressure to pick up Days of Our Lives refugees
 4) Jagger tries to reunite his family, begins a boxing
    career, sleeps with Bre....Oh no, that's what they're
    cutting out
 3) Shelley Curtis being eased out
 2) Every Friday Ryan or his twin has the cliffhanger
And the number one way the new writers will make GH a better
 1) It's a whole new wardrobe for Felicia
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