Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Signs These Peoples' New Jobs in Port Charles Aren't Working Out.

10) Karen (Stripper) - Crowd yelling "put it back on"
 9) Jason (Candy Striper) - Uniform doesn't fit quite right
 8) Katherine (Deception Publicist) - Grocery bills still
    larger than paycheck
 7) Lucy (Gestation Host) - People won't take her seriously;
    keep telling her it's hormones
 6) A.J. (Hotel Clerk) - Twelve rooms, twelve vacancies
 5) Felicia (Detective) - Hard to keep a low profile when
    you're constantly in the news.  (We suggest Monica's
    trick with the nose and glasses)
 4) Lee Baldwin (Law Partner) - Rhonda keeps hiding his
 3) Brenda (Deception Model) - Can't suck down milk shakes
    with Jagger anymore
 2) Jon Russell (Ryan's Lawyer) - Babes in Port Charles
    inexplicably unimpressed
And the number one sign this person's new job is not working
 1) Jessica Holmes (Assistant D.A.) - Office nickname
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