Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Reasons To Visit T n' T's New Web Page

10) So far, it's fresh and unspoiled, because lots of readers
     haven't been traipsing through
 9) Names of RATSAers sometimes mentioned in passing
 8) Enough Top Ten Lists to get sick on (every single one since
    July 1993.  And not just on GH)
 7) Most of the links work
 6) No matter what character you hate, we've made fun of
     them in one of these lists
 5) Jon Lindstrom has read these very same lists
 4) We happily recommend reading it with Netscape
 3) Nifty top ten items like "Razor sharp ice pellets maim Ruby" and
    "Luke spell-binding as the Village Idiot".
 2) No "Under Construction" signs
And the number one reason to visit T'n'T's web page:
 1) Pretty Rainbow lines (unless you're using lynx)
"Is an entire web network of Top Ten Lists an ethical and socially conscious use of the net?" -- T

"Who cares? Go for it!" -- T

The web page in question can be found at --

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