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Top Ten Reasons We Know That Katherine Is Not Yet Reformed

10) Still ordering MacDonald's Fries (Super Size)
 9) Slips every once in a while and says "Damian" during the
     heat of passion
 8) Doesn't like Ducks (unless their pressed)
 7) Fails to appreciate Garcia's finer qualities
 6) Hasn't apologized to Sonny for ratting him out
 5) Still ordering Martini's with Three Olives
 4) Reginald keeping lethal quantities of Digoxin and 
    Quinobarbitol on hand
 3) Lila still won't  give her the time of day
 2) Resents the fact that Mac has friends
And the number one reasons we know that Katherine is
not yet reformed:
 1) Rumors abound that she's using slave labor to
    Manufacture a line of clothes in Southeast Asia
"You'd choose your friend over your lover?" -- Katherine
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