Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things That Put Monica in The Doghouse with Alan

10) Monica still being much smarter than he is
 9) A.J. - Alan still not forgetting that damn Rick thing
 8) Monica owning the mansion (He gave it to her)
 7) Monica being a better surgeon than he'll ever be
 6) Monica still appearing sane after being a Quartermaine for 
    16 to 26 years
 5) Monica apparently preferring department store mannequins
    To Alan
 4) Monica saying nice things about HMOs
 3) Monica always calling Reginald for next to no reason
 2) Monica thinking that having Jax as a shareholder
    might bring new "life" to ELQ
And the number one thing that puts Monica in the Doghouse
with Alan:
 1) Monica having enough snowballs to bury him
"Do you want a divorce?" -- Alan Quartermaine
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