Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things On Stefan's To Do List

10) Find more impressive family pet... maybe a Komodo Dragon
 9) Send requests for information to various HMOs.. Sign Alan's 
 8) Comfort Bobbie... take a shower
 7) Touch up the black hair dye
 6) Get ready for huge blow-out Halloween party at Windemere
 5) Enroll in Kevin's sadistic psych class
 4) Taunt Luke a second time
 3) Commission a good portrait of Lily
 2) Brushing up on his villainous rhetoric...  "You will rue the day..."
    "I hold your fate in my hands..." "You have betrayed us..."
    "Spencers... I spit on them." "No, Nicholas... I forbid you to
    go to the mall."
And the number one thing on Stefan's to do list
 1) Dust
"Oh, how easily we forget what we don't care to remember." -- Stefan Cassadine
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