Top Ten Lists

Yes! We have discovered the secret diary of Carly Roberts. a.k.a Carolyn Benson a.k.a Baby Girl Spencer. We'll be posting selected excerpts from this journal in the near future.

Top Ten Things That Carly's Secret Diary Might Contain

10) Confession to Felicia Stalking
 9) Upside down cake recipe
 8) Secret yen to dye her hair red
 7) Sincere admiration of Marilyn Quayle
 6) Stern reminders to herself to practice safe sex
 5) Long odes to Jason's... attributes
 4) Opinion that Tony should use breath mints
 3) Misspellings
 2) Philisophical discourses on the nature of being and 
    the futility of life
And the number one thing that Carly's secret diary might
 1) Limericks
"There once was a hooker named Bobbie
Who slept in a cheap hotel lobby
She was a bit wild
So she gave up her child
And decided to find a new hobby"
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