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The Top Ten Frequently Asked GH/RATSA Questions

10) Are Ned and Lois (Wally and Rena) married in real life?
    Answer - Yes.  They had chemistry from day one.  Were an 
    item on day two and were married this past spring.  And, 
    yes they are really having a baby
 9) Doesn't anyone remember that Luke raped Laura?
    Answer - How could we forget. (If you have, get the tape 
    "Lover's on the Run".  The scene is there.  It is not 
 8) Isn't Robert Lucas's father?
    Answer - No.  Tests showed that Julian Jerome was the 
    father. (The past, however is malleable on Soaps.  Witness 
    Laura and Bobbie's recently created offspring.)
 7) Does anyone think that bartender at the Outback (and soon 
    to be deception model) looks like Stone.
    Answer - Yes, everyone.  Even Lucy
 6) What do all those acronyms mean?
    Answer - Trouble 
 5) Foster (the Spencer Dog) looks familiar.  Where have I seen 
    him before?
    Answer - He was the star of the short lived prime time 
    series "Tequila and Bonnetti"
 4) Why isn't Simone in the opening montage?
    Answer - They fire her at the end of every week and never 
    expect they will cave into her pleas on Monday.  Kidding.  
    She's a non-contract player, who likes the freedom to do 
    other things.
 3) Did Steve and Mary Mae die in real life?
    Answer - Sadly, yes.  Both these wonderful performers 
    John Beradino and Rosalind Cash died of cancer
 2) Do they sacrifice Newbies here?
    Answer - Yes, but only one a month, so your chances 
    are pretty good.  The rest are coddled and offered chocolate
And the number one Frequently Asked Question: (Adrian; look away!)
 1) Is that Carly on VR Troopers?
    Answer - Yes!  That's Sarah Brown, playing VR Trooper 
    Caitlin. You can tell, because she still has trouble 
    hiding her super-powers
"So, are you still looking for your daughter?" -- Carly
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