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Top Ten Reasons We Favor A Bobbie/Stefan Match

10) Surprised us, but she had chemistry with him.  Must
    be HIS acting ability
 9) Bobbie would be truly breathtaking if she became
    an unrepentantly evil Cassadine woman
 8) She could introduce some bright touches to the
    mansion decor
 7) Carries over the garter-snake metaphor nicely 
 6) It would really prove Luke's point about the 
    Cassadines being cursed
 5) Lucas always saying he wants a greek island
 4) Could distract Bobbie from sniping at Carly
 3) We're naturally contrary
 2) Would make Luke pop a blood vessel
And the number one reason we favor a Bobbie/Stefan
 1) He might kill her
"Maybe you should give him the benefit of the doubt." -- Bobbie
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