Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Reasons We Love Luke

10) Big smelly cigars remind us fondly of Tracy
 9) He's not under the delusion that Mac (or shall we 
    call him Bubba) could solve a case
 8) He somehow senses Carly is family
 7) Doesn't dye his hair anymore (well, maybe a little
    Grecian formula)
 6) Sometimes tells Bobbie when she's being really
 5) Really, really good at making Stephan think he, 
    Luke, is an idiot
 4) Doesn't let reality interfere with his thought 
 3) He hired Mike
 2) He's one of Lucy's friends
And the number one reason we love Luke:
 1) NO ONE can come up with an MDP like he can
"I've got a plan." - Luke Spencer
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