Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Reasons Tony Would Sleep With Carly

10) Hypnotism
 9) Wants her to help him hack into some computer
 8) As close as he can come to sleeping with Bobbie,
    without actually having to sleep with Bobbie
 7) Well, if his wife is going to sleep with Stefan "Dracula"
    Cassadine, then he might as well throw propriety to
    the wind
 6) Really turned on by whining
 5) She'll tell him she loves "Don Ho"
 4) Corn dog night in the hospital cafeteria
 3) He is suffering from MPD and one of his personalities
    Is a DVX agent, who believes it is his mission to sleep
    with the entire nursing staff (he's just starting with
    Carly) and Lucy.  You can tell when this personality
    is in control.  He listens to country music.
 2) The "physical education" part of her nursing curricula
And the number one reason Tony would sleep with Carly:
 1) Second-hand red dye poisoning
"Let's pretend it never happened." -- Tony
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