Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Possible Reasons We Haven't Seen Reginald Lately

10) Vacationing in Barbados 
 9) Infinite Improbability Syndrome
 8) Off on yet another mysterious WSB mission
 7) Trapped in the basement; still trying to escape  
 6) Summer Camp counselor in Canadian retreat.
    Teaching soap-carving to Lily, Damian and
    Ryan (well, Ryan has to use a spoon)
 5) Keeping Dillon away from the priceless antiques
 4) Post-production on that Keanu Reeves movie
 3) Unable to bare the temptation of Tracy's presence
    lying low until she's gone.
 2) Captured by the evil Cassadines; being forced to
    act as their butler and to hide every time someone
    comes to the door
And the number one possible reason we haven't seen Reginald
 1) Cook
"Politics now, is it?" -- Reginald (where for art thou, Reginald?)
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