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Top Ten Reasons Alexis Will Like Port Charles

10) Quartermaines have a lawyer in the family; no risk she'll
    have to try and defend one of them
 9) That gorgeous Detective Garcia still unattached
 8) She only has to work, at most, fifteen minutes a day
 7) With Dara as the D.A. and Mac as The Police Commissioner
    Alexis should be able to win every single one of her cases
 6) Stefan planning on having really cool Halloween Party
 5) Corn dog night in the hospital cafeteria
 4) Only competition in town invisible Paul Hornsby
 3) Kelly's now being inspected by health department
 2) Lucy can be her new best friend
And the number one reason Alexis Will Like Port Charles
 1) No pesky fourth amendment
"But that's just an opening volley. I have no intention of giving up." -- Alexis Davis
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