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Gaurdian Angels? We don't quite see the need since the FGCs already fulfill that function. What we really need are "Little Devils". Yes, we need groups that encourage their favorite characters to be mischiveous and yes, even sinister. A Soap with all well-meaning characters would be just this side of sickening.

Top Ten Characters That Need Little Devils

10) Felicia - Stop trying to portray her actions as good and
    get behind a truly nasty villainous Felicia.  No more Miss 
    Nice Guy
 9) Laura - In lieu of a backbone, perhaps.  Luke's little Devils
   are already doing a fine job, as are Stefan's.  In self-defense
   Laura better get her own.
 8) Mac - He doesn't wear self-righteous well.  A little of the
   old wicked mercenary Mac would be refreshing.
 7) Lila - She ought to show this nutty family of hers that 
    she won't stand for anymore nonsense
 6) Keesha - She's going to need this when A.J. finally has
    his little secret revealed.
 5) Lucas - His little Devils should go all the way.  Lucas
    would be cool Possessed.  Well, we see him so seldom
    we can't be certain he isn't already
 4) Katherine - Her little Devils seem to be on vacation
 3) Lucy - A lttle Devil ought to be whispering in her ear
   right now and suggesting she bust Kevin out of the joint
 2) Tony - Let's encourage his present misbehavior.  Tony's
    been good so long, he's finally exploded.  He needs this
    uh... release
And the number one character who needs a little devil
 1) Ryan - Those darn Angels are keeping him in Canada
"Where were you thirty years ago?" -- Ryan Chamberlain
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