Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things That Mac, Felicia, Tom and Dara Might Possibly Be Charged With

10) Dara, Felicia, Tom - Breaking and Entering
 9) Dara - Searching without a warrant
 8) Mac - Malfeasance, misfeasance, etc., etc.
 7) Tom - Peeping
 6) Dara - Contempt of court
 5) Felicia - Doll house demolition
 4) Tom - Overacting without a license
 3) Mac - Unnatural use of fried chicken
 2) Felicia - Naming her children Maxie and Georgie
And the number one thing that Mac, Felicia, Tom and Dara Might
Possibly be charged with:
 1) Willful stupidity
"This isn't a civil suit..." Dara Jensen (Ooooh, who finally told her?!) We would appreciate any legal opinions on the above charges and suggestions of what charges Lucy could plausibly be pressing.
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