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Top Ten Reasons We Don't Want Kevin to Recover Any Time Soon

10) That Chief of Psychiatry job seems to steady Tom
 9) Keeps him out of those godawful suits
 8) Prevents Lucy from jabbering on about her cosmetics company
 7) Gail really needs the work
 6) Thought he might do good buddy Mac a favor and strangle Katherine
 5) Stefan's plans might not progress so well if Kevin were in a
    condition to thwart him
 4) Wanted to see if he got Ryan's old room at the mental institution
 3) We don't want any drop in Kevin's screen time
 2) If he times it correctly Lucy can be a June bride
And the number one reason we don't want Kevin to recover any time
 1) We're sadists
"I can't believe you're saying that to me." -- Lucy Coe
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