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Top Ten Reasons Tony Shouldn't Marry Carly

10) None of the adults involved smart enough to explain it
    to Lucas
 9) Carly is destined to find true love with A.J.
 8) Carly not less likely to lie to him than Bobbie
 7) Bobbie not likely to be appropriately jealous when she's got
    Stefan in her bed
 6) He already knows that great sex does not a marriage make
    (And we're talking about Lucy, not Bobbie)
 5) Tony is destined to find true love with Simone
 4) Whining could be hazardous to your health; and Tony's already past
    the recommended lifely allowance
 3)Tony's just not good enough for Carly
 2) The first time he describes brain surgery Carly likely to say "Ewww!"
And the number one reason Tony shouldn't marry Carly:
 1) That little ex-wife's daughter thing
"You could marry me." -- Carly
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