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Top Ten Reason's Why Dorman Is Likely To Be A Murder Victim

10) Flesh and Blood now; no longer made of plastic
 9) He refused to treat Stone and one of these days he is going to pay
 8) All other villains on the show too much beloved to kill off
 7) Stefan not going to want trouble-maker Dorman mucking up the
 6) Keesha's going to find out he's the drug dealer and take the law
    into her own hands
 5) "I slept with your wife" means "take my life, please" in Alan-speak
 4) A.J. going to go on a drunk-driving spree one day and we can't think
    of anyone more appropriate than Dorman getting hit by a rolls-royce
 3) Monica prepared to kill on the 51st crack about her age
 2) They'll need something to do during February Sweeps
And the number one reason why Dorman is likely to be a murder victim:
 1) OLTL preparing to offer Tuc million dollar deal to come back.
"But none of that really happened." -- Monica
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