Top Ten Lists

Felicia and Mac's Top Ten Silly Theories

10) Bothering people qualifies you as a detective
 9) If Mac uses his accent once a week, he won't lose his
    Australian citizenship
 8) If you don't know who the fingerprints belong to, they
    belong to anyone you say
 7) Inane chatter is worth a few thousand bucks a week
 6) Friendship means never having to say "I'll pick up
    the check"
 5) Go with your instincts
 4) Romance is the art of aggravating someone within
    an inch of insanity
 3) Nightclubs have a life of their own and don't need
    employees to run them
 2) Ryan's grocery list is evidence he's a serial killer
And Mac and Felicia's number one silly theory:
 1) Jessica was murdered by moths...left-handed moths
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