Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Reasons Mac and Felicia Suspect Ryan of Jessica's Murder

10) They know PC police department is dumber 'n dirt.  Ryan
    could easily get past them
 9) Ryan so much more intelligent than Mac and Felicia, they
    think he's magic
 8) Played Barney the Dinosaur's theme backwards and heard
    "Ryan did it. Drink your milk."
 7) Felicia called the Psychic Friends hotline and they said
 6) A giant and a dwarf appeared to Mac in a dream and told
    him Ryan did it
 5) They just missed him and wanted him to be on screen
 4) They read it in "The Star"
 3) They watch "Murder, She Wrote" so they know the best
    actor usually committs the murder (that would be Ryan)
 2) Just the first in a long list of people they'll suspect
    with absolutely no evidence
And the number one reason Mac and Felicia suspect Ryan of
Jessica's murder:
 1) They did it and are just trying to throw suspicion off
    of themselves
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