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Top Ten Reasons Monica Is Acting Like A Total Moron

10) Just trying to live up to that Quartermaine reputation
 9) Whatever it is that Bobbie has is catching
 8) No use trying to set a good example for the boys
 7) Upset she no longer has the energy to go out and have
    a real affair
 6) Monica thinks Alan wants a woman of Rhonda's
 5) Tony has been conducting brain drain experiments.
    Monica just another victim. (Guess the other victims)
 4) Not the real Monica at all.  The real Monica was
    kidnapped by Reginald (actually an evil mastermind)
    and replaced
 3) Years of Alan squeezing the tube of toothpaste in the
    middle finally drove her over the edge
 2) Knows acting silly gets her more screen time
And the number one reason Monica is acting like a total
 1) She's a blonde
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