Top Ten Lists

Taggert's Top Ten New Year's Resolutions

10) Get cozier with  D.A. Dara
 9) Solve that Damian Smith murder case
 8) Find out who poisoned Katherine
 7) Stop illegal Gummi Bear trade
 6) Solve the Ray Conway murder case
 5) Discover what really happened to Alex Garcia and
    Lily Rivera
 4) Find out who shot Katherine
 3) Go to no particular effort to find out who tried to kill Sonny
 2) Prove by phonetic science that Mac Scorpio is not really 
And Taggert's number one New Year's Resolution 
 1) Devote the year to persecuting Sonny Corinthos
"Emptying bed pans would be a step up from working for Sonny Corinthos." -- Taggert
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