Top Ten Lists

Sonny's Top Ten New Year's Resolutions

10) Invite Mike over for the Super-Bowl
 9) Try not to smirk too much when Brenda comes running back
 8) Make special Jax dart-board
 7) Explain again to body-gaurds what they are there for
 6) Convince Lucy that more basic black is needed in Luke's Decor
 5) Explain to staff why Gina's hourly rate is twice as much as theirs
 4) Have Lily's portait painter "taken care of"
 3) Find out exactly what his Mob does do
 2) Perfect performance of Hamlet's Soliloquy for next Nurses' Ball
And Sonny's number one New Year's Resolution
 1) Get therapy
"The nucleus of all the Oedipus complex." -- That Freud dude
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