Top Ten Lists

Bobbie's Top Ten Problems

10) Ex-husband infuriatingly reliable
 9) That little tramp Carly trying to take away her title of  
    "Bounciest hospital employee"
 8) Stefan always wandering away in the middle of the night
 7) Best friend Monica completely ignoring her, and worse yet
    it seems to have nothing to do with the proto-affair with Alan
 6) Can't find the right shade of red hair dye anywhere
 5) Lucas beginning to see the advantages of the dark side of
    the force
 4) Bobbie Appreciation Day is fast approaching and she hasn't
    ferreted out the plans of The Precision Bobbie Slapping Drill
 3) Mrs. Lansbury refuses to learn how to cook corn dogs
 2) Luke always has to be right about everything
And Bobbie's number one problem
 1) Going through husbands like they were cheese fries
"Bobbie has what she wants." -- Carly
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