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Top Ten Reasons Mikkos Cassadine Tried To Freeze The World

10) Overly influenced by Batman reruns
 9) Tired of ordering servants to go and get a bucket of ice
 8) Traumatized by bad case of heat stroke
 7) Favorite color: white
 6) Greek God Complex
 5) Plan to turn world into a tropical paradise was a  big bust
 4) Helena homesick for Siberia
 3) Kevin reason: obviously he was trying to compensate for a lack 
    of affection at home, while at the same time externalizing that 
    deficiency by creating a wintry physical environment that mirrored 
    the emotional history of his family, and surely sexual inadequacy 
    figures in here some place
 2) Secret agent of the Klingon empire
And the number one reason Mikkos Cassadine tried to freeze the
 1) To tick off Luke Spencer
"My Uncles tried to freeze the world. Top that." -- Alexis

For the record Anthony didn't know about it and Victor didn't approve.

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