Top Ten Lists

Top Ten People Who Might Have Given Felicia The Money And Their Reasons

10) Maxie, made a million off of "The Dead Laura Video Game"
    and thought she ought to share a bit of the profits with her Mom
 9) Tom, just his way of saying he's sorry
 8) Mac, his way of making up for letting her do all the work at 
    The Outback
 7) Frisco, back child-support
 6) Betty the Babysitter, part of her insidious plot
 5) Stefan, trying to distract her from the investigation
 4) Sean, getting better, so he sent his "princess" a little present
 3) Kevin, only a small part of his intricate masterplan that makes
    Stefan's efforts look like the pathetic droolings of a mere child
 2) Brenda, mistake, she meant to deposit that to her manicurist's
    account. (Those nails were a hell of a job after that cave-in)
And the number one person who might have given Felicia the
money and his reason:
 1) Ryan... He's baaaaccck!
"Never... under any circumstances." -- Felicia
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