Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things Sonny And Brenda Have To Do To Make Their Relationship Work

10) Sonny has to promise not to eat oysters 
 9) More closet space
 8) Couple's Counseling
 7) She has to try to accept "none of your beeswax" as a
    valid response to her questions
 6) Be careful with pets
 5) One of them has to change their name to alliterate
     (Bobby and Brenda or Sonny and Sarah)
 4) No sleeping with other people (It's a toughy)
 3) Restraining order to keep her out of the kitchen
 2) Cover up all the sharp corners and wall sockets in his
And the number one thing that Sonny and Brenda have to
do to make their relationship work:
 1) "Nobody thinks" 
"What about "nobody leaves?"" -- Brenda
"Nobody left, we just let go." -- Jax
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