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Top Ten Things Lynelle Really Wanted To Say To Jon Lindstrom on Pure Soap

10) What about that orderly?  The one that was eating one of
    those muffins
 9) Did you know we've all left Prodigy and gone over to
 8) Don't forget to bring the mistletoe when you come for
    Christmas dinner
 7) How about a September/May romance...on the show?
 6) Pizza/Pool party, October 18th, your place
 5) What kind of tree would you like to be?
 4) Explain the pythagorean theorem
 3) Why did you do that awful movie with Kirk Cameron?
 2) What's Antonio Sabato Jr. really like?
And the number one thing Lynelle really wanted to say to Jon
Lindstrom on Pure Soap:
1) How about them Phillies?
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