Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Plots Ryan Has To Escape

10) Imaginary Confederate mounts frontal assault while he
    slips out the back
 9) Invite orderly in for a muffin
 8) Has a case of dynamite hidden in the baseboard; should
    make a pretty big whole in the wall
 7) Has Jon Russell smuggle him out in his briefcase
 6) Tells Felicia it would make Mac jealous if she helped
    him to escape
 5) Puts knock out gas in ventilation system of hospital,
    but plan fails when he lets himself fall asleep next
    to a pretty blonde
 4) Shoots an arrow out the window with a note attached,
    "Please, please, please come and rescue me.  I am being
    forced to marry against my will," and hope a knight
    picks it up.
 3) Jenny Eckert straps on Rambo gear and rescues him
 2) Point and escape while the guards are looking in other
 And the number one plot Ryan has to escape
 1) Wait until the ratings go down and the powers that be
    arrange his escape
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