Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things Monica Has Learned In The Last Twenty Years

10) If you don't want someone to know, don't write it in your Diary
 9) Check ID before rolling in the hay with a guy
 8) Illegitmate kids are cute too
 7) Sean's "Private Detective" schtick just a ploy to get babes
 6) Professional dress more appropriate for a heart surgeon than
    jeans and tight tops
 5) Bobbie believes that best friends should share everything
 4) Never have a fling with a guy named "Pierce"
 3) Cacti don't need to be watered
 2) Rick spelled his name with a silent "P"
And the number one thing Monica has learned in the last twenty years
 1) Alan is the only man willing to put up with her permanently
"He remembers when he was thinner, not when he was younger." -- Monica
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