Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Reasons Why We Stay Tuned In And Involved Even When It's Not Going The Way We Would Like It

10) Can always just turn down the sound and look at the guys 
 9) Interesting on-line fan pals
 8) Stefan's hynotic influence
 7) No Wal-Mart Grand Openings around here lately
 6) Too much time invested in web pages, updates and these
   darn top ten lists
 5) Don't want to pass up any opportunity to hear a Wendy 
 4) Still waiting for somebody... anybody to beat the crap out of 
 3) Shows are always good for a giggle
 2) Free Puerto Rican Vacations (What?! You all didn't get 
And the number one reason why we stay tuned in and involved
even when it's not going the way we would like it:
 1) Thinking about buying stock in Disney
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