Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Holes In Carly's Plan

10) Tony planning on counting those pills tomorrow
 9) Lee apparently not big about keeping AA meeting secrets
 8) Bobbie has no life
 7) All those darn 'strangers are dangerous' lectures kids get 
 6) Being able to lift A.J. into the laundry cart reveals another
    VR Trooper power
 5) There's going to be a birthmark the size of Montana on that
    Baby's arm
 4) No corndogs
 3) A.J.'s memory of his blackout only aided, by hugs kisses and 
    desperately friendly advice
 2) KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid
And the number one hole in Carly's plan:
 1) It's a Spencer Plan
"I know what you were trying to do," -- A.J. Quartermaine
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